Ice Ice Baby Blue Cashmere and Silk Shawl

Ice Ice Baby Blue Cashmere and Silk Shawl

This twill weave handwoven shawl. You feel radiant as you wrap this shawl around you. It is a delicate weight made of the softest cashmere and silk across your skin.


It has a beautiful drape and a hint of a sheen.


Although it looks silver/gray in the photo it is truly an Ice Blue


27 1/2 " wide 72" long



    Cashmere 80% Silk 20% 

    The high Himalayan Mountains of Asia are the origin of the Cashmere goat. China is the largest producer of cashmere and maintains the best fibre comes from the extreme cold of Inner Mongolia. It is the fine undercoat ranging in colour from deep brown, grey and white we prize for its feel. Cashmere fibre is combed from the goat during the spring molt in China and Inner Mongolia. The outer guard hair is clipped first making it easier to comb out the 1 – 3 inches down. Shearing is preferred in Western countries, which can produce second cuts and leave precious down behind. The costly dehairing process is necessary to separate the guard hairs from the undercoat before spinning. Cashmere is luxuriously soft, fine and lofty providing lightweight warmth. The addition of silk makes cashmere more affordable and durable as well as adding luster. Cashmere provides silk a downy softness. The yarn produced by this luscious marriage weaves like a dream, providing a plush drapable fabric suitable for scarves or clothing.

    Hand wash cold lay flat to dry or dry clean



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    This is a handmade article. The imperfections in this fabric are not to be considered defects but characteristics which make it unique and authentic.


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