Dusty Rose Warmth Brushed Cashmere

Dusty Rose Warmth Brushed Cashmere

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You are bound to be captivated by the bewitching softness of brushed cashmere and to curl up in it elegantly all winter long!


The dusty rose color blends perfectly with the grays and blacks!


100% cashmere


28" wide by 70" long


    If you are not satisfied with our handwoven merchandise you can return it with in 15 days and we will refund your payment.  We do not pay for return shipping.



    This is a handmade article. The imperfections in this fabric are not to be considered defects but characteristics which make it unique and authentic.


    Cashmere comes from the fine undercoat of the cashmere (or Kashmir) goat and is known for being supersoft, delicate and luxurious. Most cashmere comes from goats in China and Mongolia. Fibers are about 18 microns in diameter, so about the same as superfine merino. It’s often expensive: Only about 25% of a cashmere goat’s fleece is used, so it takes the hair of two goats just to make one cashmere sweater. 

    Hand wash cold lay flat to dry or dry clean



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